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* Please note a temporary change in our closing time (6pm) during curfew/lockdown weekdays

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We are participating in the AstraZeneca program for people aged 60+. If you’re not currently eligible for the Pfizer vaccine and you are aged 18 to 39 you can choose to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine following a discussion with one of our doctors regarding the risks vs benefits.


(MORE TO COME IN THE COMING WEEKS). Please remain patient as we endeavour to do as many as quickly and safely as we can.

We will only be offering Pfizer to eligible patients aged under 60, or the small number of people who need it due to contraindications to AstraZeneca. If you are aged over 60 and believe you should have Pfizer please make an appointment to speak to one of our doctors face to face or via Telehealth. You will not be able to book for a Pfizer vaccine without prior approval and the reception staff will not enter into discussion on this requirement.

Our aim is to get as many of our patients vaccinated as quickly and safely as possible.

Please note: due to the strong demand for Covid vaccines we may not be able to offer a day/time of your choice and you will need to make yourself available at the time offered. You will also be offered an appointment for your second dose (of either vaccine) when you have the first dose. Astra Zeneca dose 2 is offered after 12 weeks (can be given after 6 week if requested) and Pfizer dose 2 after 3 weeks.



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Yes, masks are still required upon entry to the clinic unless you have a genuine exemption (which has been discussed with one of our doctors). We have made many modifications in our practice in an effort to minimise risk to our patients as well as our staff. Due to social distancing rules most patients will be asked to wait in their cars until their appointment time and everyone entering the clinic will be screened for fever, cough, sore throat or any other possibly infectious illness.
** Patients with any respiratory symptoms will be asked to get a Covid-19 test and return a negative result before they can see a Doctor face-to-face. Telephone consultations will be offered until a negative result is received **.
We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding of our procedures during this time.


Please ring 9800 2088 and our staff will assist you with an appointment.
We also ask patients to please request a longer appointment if required for multiple or complex issues as this will help us to keep waiting times down.
Please also keep in mind urgent medical problems will always be dealt with promptly and may need to be seen ahead of scheduled appointments.
TELEPHONE consultations are available with a Doctor as long as you have had a face-to-face consultation at the clinic within the last 12 months. Suitable for simple issues such as repeat prescriptions, results and referrals.(New patients must have a face to face appointment first).
Please note: it may be necessary on some occasions to follow up with a face to face consultation.


Home visits can be arranged for regular patients who live nearby.


When the surgery is closed, please ring 13 SICK (13 74 25) to arrange a doctor to visit you at home or you can visit the closest hospital Casualty Dept, or in an emergency call 000.


If English is not your preferred language or you are deaf, you may require an interpreter. Please advise the receptionist at the time of making your appointment if an interpreter is required, your preferred language and dialect, or for deaf patients whether an Auslan sign interpreter is required.


We encourage patients to identify their cultural status to us so that we can do our best to offer any specialised services available. Advising your doctor of your cultural background may have a positive impact on your medical care.


  • Check-ups
  • Family planning, Cervical Screening
  • Pregnancy tests, Ante-natal care
  • ECG: heart check
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Travel Advice and Vaccinations
  • Baby/Children Immunisations
  • Adult Immunisations
  • Skin Checks
  • Minor surgery
  • Liquid nitrogen ‘freezing’ therapy
  • On-site Pathology


This practice has a no smoking policy.



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