Transferring Medical Records

Should you wish to transfer your complete medical record (which includes all test results, referral letters, specialist correspondence, notes from each Doctors visit etc.) to another clinic, we are able to do so with your written consent, and the details of the other Medical clinic. There may be a nominal fee which covers the cost of us collating and copying your complete record, as well as postage and handling costs.

We endeavour to keep this to a minimum and are guided by the Health Complaints Commissioner document “Fees to access health information” which can be found online via Google. 

(It is a legal requirement for us to keep the original documents for at least 7 years after the last visit hence why we must copy the documents for your new clinic).

You can also request a Full Health Summary (which for some patients may include sufficient information to provide to another clinic without the need for full transfer of the complete record, or at least for you to be able to see your new G.P. without delay). A Full Health Summary includes your medications, allergies, immunisations and past medical history list.

Alternatively, if you have previously attended another clinic, you might like to request that they send a copy of your medical records to us so that we have a more complete picture of your health information.

Please see reception to complete a request form, or alternatively, you can download the form Transfer Medical History Request Form and return it to us which will enable us to request these records on your behalf.